Company Profile
Keystone International Holdings, LLC is based in Tempe, AZ with Holdings in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and New York. Expansion plans, when completed, will add additional service locations in North America


Keystone International Holdings, LLC has rapidly become a leader in Digital Cable Servicing with key acquisitions throughout the USA. Our company has successfully developed and marketed innovative solutions enabling customers to increase their profits and maintain their competitiveness in the ever growing broadband telecommunications industry. Keystone IH and our Companies have established Service rates that provide the highest of quality at substantially lower costs for our customers.


Since our establishment we have been providing Repair Service, Sales, Custom Manufacturing, and Logistics distribution of broadband products to the industrial and retail industries. We are currently performing these services for many of the leading cable providers in the America�s and Mexico with other broadband organizations (including Satellite, DSL and Wireless Broadband Providers and Manufacturers) making up the remainder of our customer base.


Services performed at our Centers currently includes Screen and Clean Services, OEM TSD and ECN upgrades, Full Repair of both In and Out of Warranty Products, Servicing of broadband modems, Set-Top boxes, Remote Controls, Analog Converters, and Headend/Distribution equipment.


It is our commitment to provide cost-effective solutions that sets us apart by saving the customer both time and money. Unique testing, software, and hardware solutions are used to provide high-quality services at lower prices.


Our success and rapid growth are the result of key acquisitions, our understanding that our customers appreciate our knowledge of the current market, our changing the way service companies in the past have taken advantage of the limited competition, and reducing the high service costs they were being forced to cope with. The high level of quality provided to our customers, the lower more reasonable pricing structure for our services, and the long-term relationships we have maintained has taken Keystone IH and our holding companies to the front of the industry.


Companies currently owned by Keystone International Holdings:

5750 W Roosevelt Street Ste 6 & 7
Phoenix, AZ 85043