STB Testing & Repair      

With digital services being purchased by more and more subscribers, it is imperative that each and every piece of equipment used on the customer premises be held to the highest quality repair standards possible. Equipment serviced by our companies and eventually reach a subscribers home, adds confidence in their choice to purchase digital cable service from our customers.


Keystone and our Companies testing process involves extensive analysis of each digital box utilizing state of the art electronics testing equipment to verify the functionality of the unit. This automated testing systems used guarantees the uniformity of performance to OEM Specifications well as allowing for the storage of important service data for each unit. This data allows for faster repairs, substantial savings, as well as tracking any common faults.


Keystone and our Companies can provide testing for all Digital Set-Top Equipment including Cable and Satellite systems. We can provide the highest quality of service matched to your specific brand of equipment. It was with that type of commitment in mind that we've made special efforts to serve you better by becoming authorized for Scientific Atlanta Service, PACE In-Warranty Service, and RCA Service giving us access to all the necessary information to properly test and service these OEM units.